iPhone 4 First Impressions: The One to Get, If You Can Find It

iPhone 4

Handling an iPhone 4 for the first time may inspire some almost contradictory feelings. On one hand, its metal frame, glass face and surprising heft suggest a solid toughness that you don’t quite get from handling plastic-bodied phones. At the same time, though, you may also feel a strong urge to protect it from the cruel, pavement-filled world, even if it means wrapping its finely crafted body in a sturdy case.

 With a full face of glass on the front and back, the iPhone 4 rests on glass regardless of how you set it down. The back side can certainly get scratched up, but it’s glass, not plastic or metal, so it just seems so much more wrong to let it get scuffed up. Plus, what if it breaks? We know that metal and plastic can get chewed up pretty well and still be functional. What if the glass cracked or broke? Would we lose the use of the iPhone 4 altogether? Oh, the fear!.. Read More [via technewsworld]


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