5 Ways Facebook Can Fight Back Against Google+

5 Ways Facebook Can Fight Back Against Google+

As the Google+ invasion continues, Facebook is feeling the heat. Although Facebook still has over 700 million users, some estimates say that Google’s social network is on track to top 20 million users by this weekend. That’s over 1 million new users a day since the service launched

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared to go on the offensive the day Google+ debuted, alerting the world that his company would in turn announce “something amazing.”

At the resulting press conference on July 6, Zuckerberg protested (perhaps a little too much) that Facebook wasn’t worried about the amazing success of Google’s social network. The features he announced that day, including group and video chat, seem clearly aimed at Google+, but appear not to have set the world on fire. What can Facebook do to win back the crowd?

Zuckerberg called the press conference “the start of announcement season,” so Facebook undoubtedly has more tricks up its sleeve to compete with Google+. But what kinds of services will Facebook offer, and will the new features really help the site stay on top in the social networking game?

Here are five things we think Facebook could do to cope with the power and possibilities of Google+… Read More [via pcworld]