DARPA creates flying Humvee with the TX

DARPA Flying

Every once in a while, you see DARPA flexing its military and scientific muscles, and you’ll see some sort of cool device that looks like it has leaped out of a science-fiction story.

Take this particular vehicle that is half Humvee and half helicopter, and the TX (which is what this vehicle is called) has the ability to do 65 miles per hour on land and 150 mph in the air. It is hard to believe that this thing can actually fly, but it is apparently made from a composite anti-blast armor and ballistic proof windows.

I don’t really know if this particular vehicle has retractable wings or if those long appendages are permanently there, but it really looks like they can’t switch back. If nothing else, you got some sort of vehicle that looks straight out of the next G.I. Joe movie.. Read More [via coolest-gadgets

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