New Information Leaked On Windows 8

Windows 8

Some confidential Miicrosoft documents have been leaked online which give some clues as to what Windows 8 might include when it is released. The information appears to have been presented at a Microsoft ‘Ecosystem Forum’ conference back in April.  Details  about Windows 8 from the documents include:

Adding GPS support to Windows 8 netbooks and laptops via the system motherboard or WWAN module Further sensor improvements – HID, accelerometers, proximity sensors (cool – wakes up when you walk into the room!) etc..

Focus on the “big 3s”: Boot Time, Shut Down Time, Batter Life continuing where Windows 7 left off – “Experiences: Time to first email received, Time to home page, Time to calendar or media playback…Windows 8 PCs turn on fast, nearly instantly in some cases, and are ready to work without any long or unexpected delays.. Read More [via windows8news]

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