Convert PDF to Office Word Format

Convert from PDF to Word

Simpo PDF to Word does exactly what the name suggests: converts Portable Document Format files to Microsoft’s DOC format. Plain text is also an alternative in the application if you want to lose all formatting and pictures.

Copy/paste is useful for a small portion of text, but when you have documents as large as 50 pages (or more) this procedure is no longer a feasible solution. An instrument that can automatically parse the pages, extract the content and save it as DOC as close to the original PDF file as possible seems like an alternative.

Simpo PDF to Word aims to give you a hand in this sense and allow you to easily get to the results you want. The price for the application is $29.95, but you can get a taste of what it can do before shelling your money. Evaluation limitations impose a two-page limit for conversion and you will have to deal with a nag screen during the trial.. Read More [via softpedia]


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