E3 2011: Disneyland Adventures


Oh man. Disneyland Adventures. I don’t know about you, but I think Disneyland is a fantastically charming place as long as you can give yourself over to the type of feeling it’s trying to create (admittedly, sometimes in a forced manner) and I’m certainly not going to preview this game on the idea it’s for anyone but kids or (at best) families where kids are going to be the most entertained.

However, like many other commentators, I do have to broach the topic of the terrible child actors that Microsoft had on stage to play this game, which manage to make it look like the worst thing ever:

I think I can say, without feeling that I’m exaggerating, that is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. It seems harsh to judge children, but I’m really not judging them, but the people who didn’t think that, you know, actual kids might not have fun playing the game on stage.

Now, the fact is that what you see here isn’t actually all there is to Disneyland Adventures. In fact, if you watched this, you’d assume the game was an on-rails fly-em-up where you collected coins and wished for a quick and painless death.

Actually, the game is intended to be a recreation of the Disneyland experience–of walking around and exploring the park, going on the rides (the fly-throughs seen here) and interacting with the characters walking around (so just like at Disneyland, using Kinect you really can have your picture taken with Mickey Mouse…).. Read More [via futureshop]

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