Duke Nukem Forever (PlayStation 3) Dads and Grads 2011

Duke Nukem 

A screen shot from Duke Nukem for Xbox 360.

The fact that you’re reading this means that at some level, you’re interested to know what somebody else thinks of a game.

This is a fundamental requirement in the interaction between gaming websites and the public they serve; remove the interest, and you remove the need for the site.

Duke Nukem Forever, therefore, is a threat. For the most part, it’s an utterly terrible game; the digital equivalent of Frankenstein’s monster dragged out of a swamp after six days in the sun.

The bloated and buggy shell of a concept already well past whatever acceptable window may have existed for scat and fart jokes – presumably around the time the president of the most powerful country on earth got away with using a cigar as a sexual aid.

So while it’s a choice of flushing either the game or your money away, it matters little because Duke Nukem Forever will sell faster than My Bloody Valentine iPhone wallpaper. It suffers from a condition previously only found in Call of Duty and various annual sports franchises; it’s simply too big to pass up, irrespective of whatever caveats anyone can attach to it… Read More [via stuff]

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