Web Host GMO Cloud Launches New Cloud Servers

GMO Cloud America’s solutions offer a full-service hosting and cloud computing solution in three pre-defined packages including GMO10, GMO20 and GMO30.

The company is offering a “significantly low introductory price” for the first six months following its launch.

During this time, the basic plan, GMO10, is offered for free. The plan includes 1 core, 256MB of bandwidth, and 10GB of hard drive.

GMO20 is priced at $6 per month and includes 1 core, 512MB of bandwidth, and 20GB of hard drive. GMO30 is $19.99 per month and includes 2 cores, 1024MB of bandwidth and 30GB of hard drive.

According to the press release, GMO Cloud America provides “high-performance solutions in a cost-efficient manner along with some of the strongest controls available over cloud server resources such as CPU shares, RAM, HD and Port Speed.”

Using a subscription-based model, GMO Cloud America configures hosting resources independently and offers these solutions on a pay for what they need basis.

“We are thrilled to extend our existing services into the US market,” said Ryo Tamura, president and CEO of GMO Cloud America. “By offering the same solutions that propelled GMO Cloud K.K. to become Japan’s most sought-after name in cloud hosting, we can quickly address the needs of start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses, and large-scale enterprises.”… Read More [via thewhir]

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