The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan – The Coolest Bladeless Fan

Ever heard of a blade-less fan? No? Well, neither have I. But Likecool found one that looks exactly like a jumbo magifier glass (without the glass) with hollow content, but it can blow strong winds! That is the magic Dyson Air Multiplier Fan!


The Fan has no single blade attached, just a pure thick circle with the hollow face. However, it’s the circle that do the magic because it can draw in air from the rear side just like a normal fan would do, and then the air is amplified 15 times while providing uninterrupted stream of air blowing to the front.

The most convenient benefit is in the cleaning process. There is not much area to wipe with a clean cloth other than the inner side of the circle, and it takes several seconds only…. Read More [via hardwaresphere]

See the video below for more detail from the creator himself:

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