Tesla’s New Electric Skateboard is controlled by an App

While Tesla Motors are working to keep producing the best of the e-car, electric seems to be the new cool in anything running on wheels, nowadays. The latest project on Kickstarter is Marbel, a skateboard looking like an ordinary one that is allegedly the Tesla Model S of the boards.

The creators of Marble, a small company based in Florida, say this is the world’s lightest electric skateboard. Weighting only 9,9 lbs (4 kg) it can run with up to 20 mph (32 km/h) and you will need to charge every 10 miles (16 km). Now that is a pretty cool toy add to your daily trips around the city, we have to admit. 

The innovative part is that it looks almost like a regular board, having all of the electronics and batteries completely integrated into the carbon fiber/kevlar deck. The company producing it says it is the most advanced ever built and that it features battery technology similar to what the world’s best electric car manufacturer used on their newest car model, the Tesla Model S. 

And when you are using that type of technology, it’s only natural that controlling it has to be even more advanced. The days when skaters used their legs to ride seem so old know, considering the Marbel is controlled with a special handheld controller or with the help of a smartphone app that can be used to set up various parameters, including top speed. 

The skateboard packs an 165 Wh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which takes 90 minutes to charge and is good for 1,000 full charge cycles. That is about enough time for you to find the money you’ll need to get your 2-door Coupe Tesla Model S. That, of course, in case you want to keep things even greener. See more at autoevolution