Skyrim’s dragon battles top off impressive demo

I had to go back to my notes in order to write a preview of Bethesda’s Skyrim after experiencing a gameplay demo by Todd Howard, the game’s director. It wasn’t that I was bored during the demonstration, or that I don’t remember what I saw. The problem was that I was gripped by a need to play the game. When I think back of what I saw of the game, I just have one thought in my head: WANT.

Here’s why:

All-new engine, modding tools day one, or close

The game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, and the new graphical features are impressive. The characters come close to looking like people, not the wax dummies of past Elder Scrolls games. We were told that the content-creation tools should launch the same day as the PC version, so modders will be able to get to work immediately, creating new content and twists on the game’s core experience… Read More [via arstechnica]

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