Review: netTALK Duo Wifi VOIP telephone device

These days many of us tend to rely on our mobile phones. Landline telephones are slowly becoming a thing of the past. While some of us keep using them for their reliability and tradition, a lot of us are happy with our mobile phones or even just chatting online. From a service standpoint, that can be fine, but in terms of utility it’s often a lot nicer to be able to pick up a phone to talk, rather than having to boot up the computer, load up your chat software, log in, get your headset ready and make a call. It’s just not as convenient as having a landline phone beside you with a traditional handset.


That’s where something like the netTALK Duo WiFi comes in to play. As much as I love my mobile phone, I found myself gravitating to my traditional handset whenever I could while I had the NetTalk Duo Wifi setup in my home. It was simply more convenient and I could use it with more freedom without counting minutes, watching battery levels, or anything else, all while enjoying the comfort of a regular full-sized telephone. I forgot how much better those can be to use than fiddly little smartphones or computer headsets.



Product Specs



  • Ethernet Plug and Play
  • WiFi Enabled
  • First year of service included



The Pros…


I’m a fan of how quick and easy the netTALK Duo WiFi is to set up. It only take a couple of minutes and you can really use it anywhere you want that you have a WiFi connection. That’s quite handy and really gives you an advantage over landlines, to give a whole new level of freedom. Once set up you can take advantage of loads of included features like call blocking, free calls to the US and Canada, and more. You can even keep your own phone number if you like to make the transition seamless.


The Cons…


While the call quality is quite acceptable, there are times when it could stand to be a little crisper and clearer. If you’re picky about audio quality this may be a slight issue for you. Personally, I was fairly happy with it. Also one of the things people like about landline phones is their independence from other infrastructure. With the netTALK Duo Wifi, if your power or internet is down, so is your phone. While that’s to be expected with any VOIP solution, it is something to consider for those considering the jump from a landline telephone.