Next Apple iPhone: 5 or 4S? September or October?

Apple’s next iPhone – which some believe will be called the iPhone 5, others the iPhone 4S – is widely expected to be heading to stores in September.

But, as the phone has yet to be released, the rumour mill continues to churn and the latest bit of speculation, this time from the News Corp website, now pegs the next iPhone for a late October release.

That report differs from a rumour posted at Gizmodo that US telco AT&T was banning vacation time in the latter part of September so it could handle a new iPhone launch

Apple, of course, hasn’t said when its next iPhone will be released, what it will look like or be called and what features it will include. But there’s been speculation on that end too.

Some have said it’ll feature a bigger, 4-inch screen, others have said the screen will remain at 3.5-inches.

Multiple blogs have published photos of plastic and rubber cases reportedly for the next iPhone that feature a tapered shape that many believe will be the iPhone’s next look, while yet others say the next iPhone will feature the same design as the current model… Read More [via brisbanetimes]