Game review: Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege III offers some genuinely enjoyable bits in an overall disappointment.

This game offers nothing that hasn’t been done, and done better before.

Without USP, this game has no business bearing a Square-Enix tag. In gameplay this feels like a mod or a skin on a sub-par Marvel Ultimate Alliance and in environment it’s like Dragon Age.

The story follows the four surviving scions of the Tenth Legion, the rightful rulers of Ehb. Ehb feels exactly like every generic fantasy world in bargain bin RPG’s. Through the story, you hear of the “enemy” Jaine something-or-other who slaughtered the player’s ancestors using dark magic and took over.

In completely predictable manner she is the final boss with no surprise, plot twist, or change of direction within. Overall, the plot was similar to Super Mario: Hero chases villain, hero beats villain, credits roll.

Poor plots can be rescued by interesting or enjoyable gameplay. This game has neither. Called an “action RPG” this game plays exactly like MUA, or X-Men Legends before that only with three flaws. The first is the character pool. With only four characters, the styles of play available are extremely limited and not as interesting.

The characters themselves are neither engaging nor appealing. The second is an inability to switch between characters and a very poor AI. This can often lead to infuriating battles where your team does nothing except die.

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