E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U First Take

True to many rumors and predictions, Nintendo unveiled at this year’s E3 a new console with an attention-getting tabletlike controller, complete with its own 6.2-inch touch screen. This multifunctional tablet will form the centerpiece of what the Wii U will be about.

With a glossy white front face and smooth contours, the Wii U controller tablet has an uncanny resemblance to something Apple would conjure up. It also looks like a giant bottom half of a DSi XL, with dual analog pads added. The tablet is roughly the size of many 7-inch tablets, but with a larger bezel, thicker chassis, and more controllerlike feel. It’s lightweight enough to hold for the sessions we used, but after a few minutes of motion use, it felt less ergonomic than a Wii remote.. Read more [via cnet]

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