Chinese man builds ‘iPad’ from scrap parts

People will do a lot for an iPad – even sell a kidney, if reports are to be believed. But one Chinese man has taken a different approach – he’s built one himself.

In a 20-minute video posted on Youku – the Chinese equivalent of YouTube – 21-year-old Liu Xinying carefully puts together a series of electronics parts, touchscreen and case, presumably gleaned from the computer store where he works. The actual build took two weeks, he says.

The finished version has its own leather carrying case and detachable keypad, and runs on Windows XP; but apart from this, it looks like a slightly thicker iPad, and Liu’s even added a carefully-designed Apple logo.

Liu tells AFP that it cost him 2,000 Yuan – a little over $300 – to make. That’s not much more than half the price of the cheapest version of the iPad 2, with the top-of-the-range 64GB model costing 5,288 yuan.

He says that since posting the video, he’s been approached by several people asking him to make another one to order, but has refused – he just did this for fun, he says… Read More [via tgdaily]