Is the Sony Alpha NEX-5 the Holy Grail of consumer digicams?

Sony Alpha NEX-5

It’s a question that’s been thrown around countless times. And the reason it’s still being asked is the answer was never quite clear.

Traditionally, compact digicam manufacturers have been careful not to make this claim and any such conclusions were (almost always) the subjective opinions of owners, hobbyists and product reviewers.

For the first time, however, one manufacturer is making this bold assertion up front. Looking like a slim digital camera attached to a chunky DSLR lens, the Sony Alpha NEX-5 claims to deliver “DSLR quality in your hands.” Not too long ago, such a slogan would be almost unthinkable, maybe even laughable. After all, DSLRs were the SUVs of the photography world. They were big, robust gadgets that could endure years of abuse on and off the field. They had a variety of interchangeable lenses designed to handle a photographer’s specific needs. And since they had larger, top-of-the-line sensors and processors built in, the quality of their images was practically second to none.. Read More [via businessworld]


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