iPhone DSLR prototype mounts Canon EF lenses, enrages purists

iPhone DSLR

Want a guaranteed, sure-fire way to enrage DSLR enthusiasts?  Call your custom-crafted iPhone 4 mount that allows you to use interchangeable lenses an “iPhone DSLR prototype“; you’ll soon have them queueing up to point you at the official definition of a single-lens reflex camera.  Still, we’ll put aside nomenclature because there’s something sturdily lovely about Jeremy Salvador’s system, no matter what he wants to call it.

The chassis is a 1.1lb solid piece of anodized billet aluminum with dual handle-grips and a tripod mount; up front is a Canon EF lens adapter, which Jeremy hopes to extend to support SLR lenses from other manufacturers… Read More [via slashgear]

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