Archos 7 Home Tablet vs. Archos 70 Tablet

Tables vs Archos

Remember the Archos 7 Home Tablet? Don’t worry, if not. It was a mostly forgettable 7-inch Android tablet with a host of drawbacks. I’d have thought that Archos would like to forget the Home Tablet in light of their newer, better models. But apparently the company still believes in the product, as they’ve released a new version with slightly updated specs.

The Rockchip CPU indie has been bumped up to 800MHz from 600, and the unit now includes an accelerometer. No changes to the screen, though — it’s still resistive. No word if this version has a higher quality resistive screen. On the software side, the Home Tablet now rocks Android 2.1. You can get it for around $180 here in the U.S. Inexpensive for a tablet, yes, but then look what you get.

Compare this to the Archos 70, which was recently released in the U.S. and is having a coming out party at CES. For $349 you get a 250GB hard drive, a capacitive 7-inch display, 3D graphics acceleration, Android 2.2, and the ability to output the entire interface (not just video) in high definition via HDMI.. Read More [via laptopmag]


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