Google’s Android ambitions go beyond mobile

Google has great ambitions for its Android operating system.

Google has great ambitions for its Android operating system.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Andy Rubin, Google’s top mobile-phone executive, likes to talk about everything being “Android-ized.” Android has become the top smartphone operating system in the United States, but Google’s ambitions for it go well beyond tablet computers and smartphones, even beyond the mobile Web.

With its forthcoming Google Wallet payment service, an Android smartphone will become a credit card. Now Google says Android can also become the first mass-market bridge between the virtual world and the physical world, allowing smartphone apps to control light bulbs, home appliances, and even medical devices.

At its annual I/O developer conference last month, Google announced a program called Android@Home, a system that will allow Android phones and tablets to turn on household lights, activate speakers in a wireless stereo system, or analyze the calories burned on a gym exercise bike. The first Android@Home products are LED light bulbs embedded with technology that can be controlled by an Android device. Built by a Florida company called Lighting Science Group, they will go on sale by December.. Read more [via montrealgazette]

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