2015 Apple Watch Release

The Apple Watch, which was first announced last September, was launched officially yesterday at Apple’s live event with the new 12” MacBook Air. The official release date is currently set for April 24th 2015 with a price starting off at approximately $349 USD for the Sport edition and $550 USD for the standard Apple Watch. A third option for the Apple Watch will also be available for those who want the absolute best. It will be made from 18k gold and prices will start at an outrageous $10.000 USD.

For anyone looking to purchase the new watch there are various features you can look forward to. The Apple Watch will feature a Retina display and the option of a sapphire screen at either 1.32 or 1.5 inches. The watch will also boast a battery life of up to 18 hours, water resistance, their Apple S1 processor and Watch OS. Some other features include, Wi-Fi, Siri, an accelerometer, heart rate monitor as well as Apple Pay.

Another thing well known to Apple users is the company’s wide array for Application offerings. The Apple Watch won’t disappoint in that department either since the watch will also have their own app store. The apps will be based off of the watch software and will be specialized to enhance the features already offered by the device.

Preorders for the Apple Watch will begin April 10th for all the various models and the global launch will be April 24th. There are also various options to customize the watch to your tastes with several band styles and screen sizes. The watch itself comes in different sizes such as the 38mm and the 42mm, which can distinguish, between men and women’s watches or sizes fit for smaller wrists.

Like all apple products there will probably a big lineup for it in stores and will sell quickly so if you want to get your hands on it first be sure to act quickly.