Google pulls out more tricks to simplify search, entice people to use Chrome

Google is introducing more technological tricks to simplify Internet searching and give people another reason to surf the web on its Chrome browser.

The features unveiled Tuesday include an option that will allow people to speak their search requests in English while sitting in front of their office and home computers. It’s something they can already do on smartphones running on Google Inc.’s Android software.

The new features serve as another reminder that search remains Google’s backbone even as the company branches into mobile devices, browsers, computer software, music and even television.

By continually coming up with new ways to simplify search requests, Google hopes to extend its dominance in what so far has been Internet’s most lucrative market: steering people to the information they want as quickly as possible. Spurring more search requests provides Google with more opportunities to shows the ads that generate most of its revenue.. Read More [via google]

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