Nao, the first robot able to feel emotions and form bonds with humans that look after it

Nao Robot

The first robot capable of developing emotions and forming bonds with humans has been unveiled by scientists. Nao has been designed to mimic the emotional skills of a one-year-old child and is capable of forming bonds with people who treat it kindly.

The robot has been developed to use the same types of expressive and behavioural cues that babies use to learn to interact socially and emotionally with others. It is able to detect human emotions by studying body-language and facial expressions and becomes better at reading someone’s mood over time as it grows to ‘know’ the person. It is also able to remember its interactions with different people and memorise their faces.

Nao have been created through modelling the early attachment process that human and chimpanzee infants undergo when they are very young. It forms part of a European project called FEELIX Growing, that is being led by Lola Canamero, a computer scientis at the University of Hertfordshire.. Read More [via dailymail]


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