MacBook Air 12″ Update for 2015

To those of you planning on a laptop upgrade and are looking towards a MacBook Air it would probably be best to wait a bit longer. There are a lot of rumors circulating around the release of this year’s Macbook Air update. Last year there were no significant changes beside an increase in processor speed and a $100 price cut. This year is penned to be a much bigger change.

It is being said that the new Macbook air will come in at 12” but with a narrower and lighter profile than its 11” counterpart. The display is also said to be a Retina display which will put the display at a comparable level as the Retina MacBook Pro laptops out now. Other features that are expected as part of this new release include a redesigned track pad, silent laptop usage with no fan, as well as an array of colour options such as gold and space grey, in addition the classic silver option.

All the basic features that Apple has putting in all of their current computer releases will also be found in the upcoming 12” Macbook Air such as 802.11ac Wi-Fi, flash based storage, and Thunderbolt 2 ports.

The feature of having no fan and silent operation comes from Apple’s use of the new lower power Intel Core M processors. The Macbooks will be using Intel’s Broadwell-Y Core M processors that are designed to provide high performance while using less power thus diminishing the need for an internal fan.

The release of the highly anticipated Macbook Air is thought to be around mid-2015, around March to be exact. This is according to KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has previously been very accurate with estimating Apple product launches. The sales of the new laptops are also expected to increase Apple’s profits by 15% based on reports from DigiTimes in Taiwan. This will help keep Apple’s profit levels in check since the global tablet market has begun slowing down and iPad sales have started to decline.