Face to face with Jaguar’s wild XKR-S

The new XKR-S wants to be a supercar, a GT and a bunch of other stuff at the same time. Can a company as traditional and steadfast as Jaguar pull it off?

Kevan Richardson, programme manager at Jaguar Cars, says the new XKR-S is a duality, it has dual identity disorder.

Might I suggest multiple identity disorder? Let’s begin to divulge why.

Jaguar is boasting about this car being the most powerful model it’s ever made. Isn’t that a bit like Range Rover saying it’s finally succeeded in making the most off-road-incapable SUV ever? I know, crazy, right? Power doesn’t a Jag make.

How about price? The XKR-S will cost, when it arrives here in November, as much as a nice Aston, Porsche Turbo S, a wild Maserati or even a full-blown supercar. But of course the XKR-S isn’t as good as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or an SLS AMG.

Right, nothing to see here, move along.

Now that we’ve sifted away that lot, please join me in the pits of Portugal’s Algarve race circuit so we can enjoy the best Jag ever.

Not since the XJ220 has a Jag cost so much (although the XKR-S still isn’t nearly as costly as the $500,000 (Dh1.83 million) Nineties sensation), and not since ever has a Jag made 542bhp, and not since Le Mans 1990 has a Jag been so fast. Yet at the same time, the XKR-S is so… Jagly. Jagish… No? Jaguatarian… Read More [via gulfnews]

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