Duracell myGrid Charging Pad Cell Phone Starter Kit

Charging Pad Cell Phone Kit

One of the burdens that every gadgeteer must bear is the burden of gadget charging. You know what I mean, almost every gadget that we own runs on battery power. Mobile phones, audio players, video players, etc. Even though many of our devices can be charged via USB, which is a convenience, that can have its own challenges, such as running out of ports. Fortunately, the age of wireless charging is dawning and I’m going to tell you about one such solution today. It’s the Duracell myGrid Charging Pad. Let’s take a look.
Wireless charging really isn’t a new idea. I remember having that feature 5 years ago with the SPOT watches back in 2004. Some of them had a special cradle that you placed the watch on for charging. I thought that feature was the coolest thing ever and thought it would usher in a trend that would show up in new devices from that point further. Unfortunately, it didn’t.. Read More [via the-gadgeteer ]

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