Kindle Fire Kids Edition

Parents Now Have Comprehensive Overview Of Their Children’s Web Activity With Amazon’s New Dashboard

The new Fire Kids Edition tablet has been launched which gives parents the opportunity to monitor what their kids are browsing on the Internet with the added reassurance that Amazon’s moderators approve everything that they can access on the device. This includes more than 8,000 books and 40,000 white-listed webpages. The tablet comes with the free Parent Dashboard which can be accessed from any web browser at, giving parents a comprehensive picture of what their children are looking at it while surfing on the Internet. This includes a breakdown of the number of minutes each child uses the tablet as well the books, videos, apps, and online browsing they access. The new dashboard is essentially an update to Amazon FreeTime which is a parental control feature Amazon brought out years ago, and gives daily reports about their children’s web activity.

Amazon developed the idea based on feedback provided by parents. The company is also developing ‘Discussion Cards’ which compliment the dashboards and contain summaries of the content in the books, apps, and videos along with a list of questions parents can ask if they want to have a discussion.

Furthermore, there are links to the review page if parents want to read what other parents have to say about a particular item. The questions and summaries come from different sources including movie studios, teachers’ guides, app developers and CommonSense Media and the Amazon moderation team approves everything displayed on the cards.

The moderation panel is a safeguard in preventing kids accessing anything undesirable on the Internet. Amazon views the new features as a channel to help parents to engage with their kids over their Internet activity.