Living with a BlackBerry Torch: First Impressions

BlackBerry Torch

With its combination of a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard, and of the traditional BlackBerry features with a modern browser and social networking tools, the BlackBerry Torch has impressed me as being the device that most BlackBerry users have been waiting for. Having used the Torch as my primary phone for the past few days, my initial impression still holds: it’s not an iPhone or Android killer, but it isn’t trying to be one. But it’s certainly the best BlackBerry yet.

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion said their goal was to make the Torch “familiar but fresh,” and in most ways, they’ve succeeded quite well. Carrying the Torch feels much like carrying last year’s flagship model, the BlackBerry Bold. It’s about an ounce heavier (5.7 ounces), but that’s not too bad, and it feels about the same in your hand. And most of the functions work in pretty much the same way.. Read More [via pcmag]

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