Google Android, HTC EVO 4G Ready to Compete with iPhone 4

 Google Android HTC 4G Phone

The popularity of Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G might have been overshadowed by Apple’s iPhone4, but the high-end smartphone has all the features and apps to keep itself in the competition! HTC EVO from Sprint ships with 4G network that is the fastest ever so far…almost three and a half times speedier than the 3G network.

The display screen, apps and widgets are pretty recognizable to anyone who has used Sprint’s HTC Incredible. The speed, however, is better and as per claims almost three and a half times faster than the 3G. The best thing about EVO is that it works on 3G and 4G networks. The EVO is available at USD 200 with a two year contract. The handset is available online and at Sprint, Best Buy, RadioShack and Wal-Mart.. Read More [ via lanewsmonitor]


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