Cideko Air Keyboard Chatting takes the wireless route

Have you ever wondered about the magic of wireless connectivity in devices around you these days? Well, while the wireless (and for some, paper-less) dream remains alive for many, how would you prefer if your next wireless device purchase is also a convergence gizmo of sorts? We are talking about the Air Keyboard Chatting from Cideko (yes, it has a weird sounding name and we agree), where it is not only a wireless keyboard, but will also include a bevy of other functions such as a gyro mouse, earbuds and a microphone.

To put it in a nutshell, the Cideko Air Keyboard Chatting is definitely handy when it comes to talking to friends and family while you are operating a home theater or PC, perhaps even from another room if you so desire. If you want to know more about this wonder piece of hardware, read on after the jump.

The Cideko Air Keyboard Chatting boasts up to 10 hours of battery life if you use it constantly, and is good for a working radius of 30 meters. Being lightweight, it is a snap to tote around, where your hands won’t cramp up due to excessive weight, while you retain excellent control and functionality – never mind if it is being used for a home theater system or over the PC as a regular keyboard and mouse.

Move the keyboard in the air and you can activate the 3D motion-sensing mouse, while clicking with the right and left mouse buttons that are integrated on the case will work in the same way as that of a regular mouse. Gotta love the Chatting Combo keyboard that sports a 3.5mm port to make it compatible with a wider range of devices out there… Read More [via xydo]

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