Bose Headphones

Bose And Google Introduce Headphones With Talking Feature And Google Assistant

Bose and Google have collaborated in creating the first pair of headphones which allows the owner to talk to Google Assistant using a button. The Bose QC35 II headphones are much the same as their original QC 35 predecessors, the difference being that the updated model includes voice-controlled smart technology. This works by pressing a button, enabling the user to ask Google Assistant questions, make calls, hear calendar alerts, check for messages etc.

The Bose Qc335 II retains the same 20-hour battery life possessed by the original, along with the high-quality noise cancellation technology and audio performance expected from a Bose product. The controls remain the same for the audio volume along with the multi-function button for incoming calls and Siri access on the right ear cup.

Some features in the updated model are different. The new Action button, located on the left ear cup, allows users to communicate with Google Assistant without having to use their phones or find the app. It includes a proprietary Bose VUI (Voice UI) technology, which is very efficient in picking up voices and reading and responding to message notifications.

The Bose QC35 II can read the name of the person and then read out the notification from that person out aloud with a tap of the button.  The recipient can then respond to the notifications directly from the headphones by holding down the button. There is no requirement to say ‘Ok Google’ or wait a while to have the message transcribed. Another new addition is a setting that allows the wearer to pick between varying noise cancellation levels from high to low to off.

The headphones retail for $350 and are available in black and silver. Google have stated that more features will be introduced in the upcoming future.  The current ones also work on Android as well as iOS devices.