Apple TV iOS Gaming Clues Spell Trouble for Xbox, PlayStation

Apple TV

Oh the secrets a few lines of code can tell, say of an iOS-rigged iteration of Apple TV that plays games, or maybe even streams them. Watch out Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and OnLive. Or should we say watch out Apple?

Were it the usual anonymous hit-bait conjecture, I’d balk, but Engadget’s riffing off actual iOS 4.3 beta code. Their tipster noticed text string references in the beta to terms like “ATVGames” and “ATVThunder.” And no, the tipster doesn’t mean new versions of ATV Offroad Fury.

Apple TV already covers video streaming, allowing you to channel content from its iTunes Store as well as popular services like Netflix and YouTube. Engadget’s tipster speculates about a “video merchandising and streaming” feature (whatever that means), which sounds a little superfluous, but then it’s still heavy guessing at this point.. Read More [via pcworld]