3D TV Bundles by Samsung & Panasonic

3D Panasoni & Samsung TV bundles

Both Samsung and Panasonic have recently debuted 3D TV bundles with Blu-ray players and active-shutter glasses.

Panasonic’s package features the TC-P50VT20, a 50-inch 1080p 3DTV for $2,900 which comes bundled with Panasonic’s DMP-BDT300 3D Blu-ray player, which is capable of playing Blu-ray discs and DVDs and also has access to Netflix, Pandora and Twitter. This bundle is only sold through Best Buy. Included in the bundle is one free set of ($200) battery-operated 3D glasses.

 Samsung 3D TV

Panasonic has added a 55-inch model for $400 more. Reports are Panasonic sold out in its first week of sales. Samsung released a bundled 3D TV package over a week ago, has not yet released its 3D shipment or sales figures. Read More.. [via 3-dtv]

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