HTC Bolt
October 18, 2016 0

HTC’s New ‘Bolt’ Phone Without 3.5 Headphone Jack To Be Marketed By Sprint

Taiwanese company HTC have announced the launch of a new smartphone known as the ‘Bolt’ which is geared for the US market. HTC has a reputation for state-of-the art design and solid performance and is [...]

Web Media

September 20, 2016 0

Facebook’s ‘Moments’ App Expands Photo Storage Possibilities

In a significant step towards becoming a full photo backup service, Facebook’s private photo-sharing app, Moments, is now allowing users to add photos to a web page that can be accessed and edited by anyone [...]


Google Chrome OS
September 26, 2016 0

Google’s Verified Access For Chrome OS Devices Raises The Security Bar

Chrome OS been doing very well recently and has made great strides within the Enterprise sector where it can be utilized for connecting teams together for conference calls without necessitating the need to log [...]


Logitech Speakers
October 6, 2016 0

Logitech’s New Wireless Audio Bluetooth Streaming Speakers Can Work With Computers, Tablets, And Smartphones

The Logitech Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth speaker is a new offering by the company that enables users to stream audio wirelessly from any computer, tablet, or smartphone  using Bluetooth technology and can [...]